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Helping you learn about the wonderful hobby of 3D printing.

3DPK was created to help people learn about 3D printing. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality 3D printing content.

Dr. Satterfield has been a college professor for over a decade. In 2015 his former department head, Mr. Nicholson, told him to learn how to use the Stratsys 3D printer. Mr. Nicholson wanted Dr. Satterfield to learn how to use the 3D printer so that a student could get help even if Mr. Nicholson wasn’t around. He handed Dr. Satterfield an installer for Autodesk Inventor and a sheet of paper with a technical drawing of a part. He said, go design this in inventor and then figure out how to print it on the Statasys. Since then Dr. Satterfield has been hooked on 3D printing. Being an educator he enjoys helping others learn about the technology. 

He started this website as a means to help educate as many people as possible about the incredible hobby of 3D printing. The purpose of the site is for people who want to buy and use consumer grade printers at home. The site does discuss some aspects of 3D industrial printing but the real focus is helping people choose the right tools to succeed at home 3D printing. This is a really wonderful and fulfilling hobby and we are glad you decided to join us!