In order to get the most out of your 3D printer you will need a few accessories. On this page I have listed my favorite accessories for FDM 3D printers.

There are a lot of accessories that can be purchased for 3D printers. After spending several years 3D printing, I have researched and tested many different items related to 3D printing. Some accessories are worth the money and other accessories not so much. Some accessories may or may not apply to you depending on your printer and its configuration. If an accessory is specific to a certain feature or function of a printer, I will be sure to list it.

BestFDM Accessory for Printing on a Glass Bed

Aqua Net Hair Spray (Click here for price on Amazon) – For bed adhesion on a heated glass bed. When trying to get good adhesion on a glass bed I can’t recommend this tip enough. Coating the glass build plate with Aqua Net hairspray will make your prints stick like they are cemented in place. Once the build plate cools down you can easily pop your prints right off the plate.

Best Removable Print Bed

BuidTak FlexPlate Systems (Click here for selection of build plates from MatterHackers)  – If you don’t have a heated bed and are looking for a way to increase your build plate adhesions, BuildTak build plates are amazing. Their surface allows the plastic to grip and stay stuck to the build plate until the print is finished. When the print finishes simply take the BuildTak FlexPlate off the printer and twist the plate to easily remove the print!

Accessory for Build Plate Adhesion

Microwavable Heat Pad (Click here for price on Amazon) – Temperature has a huge affect on build plate adhesion. If you don’t have a heated bed you can lay a microwavable heat pad on your print bed for a few minutes before starting your print. The heat will help keep the filament from cooling too quickly and warping or curling.

Best General Accessories

General Tools Digital Calipers (Click here for price on Amazon) – If you want to get your 3D printer dialed in to produce the best quality prints you will need a quality set of calipers. I have two pairs of General calipers that I’ve had for several years now. I keep one in my garage/workshop and the other by my desk. In addition to using them for printer calibration they are extremely useful for designing models in a CAD program. If you are trying to design and print a replacement part the calipers are essential in getting accurate measurements. Everyone who is serious about 3D printing or simply DIY in general should own a quality set of calipers.

Sharpie Twin Tip Fine & Ultra Fine Tip Markers (Click here for price on Amazon) – For certain calibration procedures you will need a way to mark on the filament for measuring purposes. I like the dual sharpies as the fine tip allows you to make accurate marks. Having the second regular sized tip is useful for other household tasks like labelling boxes and other items. Buying the dual tip marker means you always have the right size tip in one marker without the need to order two different maker sizes.